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Emergency Services


Our state-licensed free-standing emergency room is now open 24 hours a day, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all our patients. At ER OF FORT WORTH we prioritize your health and well-being, and we are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of medical care coupled with personalized service tailored to your individual needs.

As a leading provider of emergency medical services in our community, we understand the importance of prompt and efficient care during critical situations. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by experienced medical professionals who are committed to delivering compassionate and effective treatment around the clock.

Here are some key highlights of our emergency care services
  • Comprehensive Emergency Care:
  • Experienced Medical Professionals:
  • Comfortable
  • Waiting Areas
  • Minimal Wait Times
  • Personalized Care:
Emergency Services
Our emergency rooms in Dallas and Fort Worth are ready to take Care of you and your family

At ER OF FORT WORTH Emergency Services, we prioritize clear communication and active patient engagement. Our team is dedicated to addressing your concerns and providing ongoing treatment information to ensure that you are fully informed about your care every step of the way. We understand that clear and compassionate communication is essential to alleviating the anxiety often associated with emergency medical situations.

Following discharge, our specialists are committed to ensuring seamless continuity of care through thorough follow-up. We don’t just treat you and send you on your way; we offer reassurance and peace of mind by checking in on your progress and addressing any further concerns you might have. Our follow-up care is designed to ensure that you continue to recover smoothly and receive any additional medical attention you may need.

With cutting-edge machinery such as CAT scans and a fully equipped laboratory, we are unwavering in our commitment to delivering top-tier emergency services. Our advanced technology allows for swift and accurate testing, enabling rapid diagnosis and timely treatment. This technology is crucial for assessing conditions quickly and effectively, ensuring that our patients receive the best possible care in the shortest amount of time.

In addition to our in-house capabilities, we also possess the capability to arrange ambulance transfers to a nearby hospital in Coppell, TX, when required. This ensures that your care is uninterrupted and that you receive any additional treatment you might need without delay. Our coordination with local hospitals guarantees that you will continue to receive high-quality medical care if your condition requires a more specialized facility or extended treatment.

At ER OF FORT WORTH Emergency Services, our mission is to provide exceptional emergency medical services with a focus on rapid diagnosis, effective treatment, and compassionate patient care. From the moment you arrive, through treatment and follow-up, we are dedicated to ensuring your well-being and peace of mind.

Our facility is equipped to handle a wide range of emergency
medical situations, including but not limited to
Pediatric emergencies

encompassing conditions like severe infections, respiratory distress.

Gastrointestinal conditions

a variety of disorders affecting the digestive system,

Orthopedic injuries

a range of conditions affecting bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles.

Back Pain

Back pain is caused by strained or damaged nerves, muscles, tendons, discs, or bones along the spine.


Migraine is an intense headache that is often characterized by a pulsing or throbbing pain.

Allergic reactions

immune responses to triggers like food or environmental factors, manifesting in symptoms from mild itching


Severe burns can become a life-threatening condition and should be treated by an emergency physician.


Pneumonia is an acute inflammation of the lungs, caused by Streptococcus Pneumoniae bacterium.

At ER OF FORT WORTH, our dedication lies in providing efficient, transparent, and comprehensive emergency care for all members of the DFW community.

At ER OF FORT WORTH Emergency Services, we offer fully-equipped, on-site laboratory services to ensure swift and precise diagnostic results. This enables our emergency physicians to promptly determine the most appropriate course of treatment.

In the majority of cases, our laboratory outcomes are accessible to the emergency physician within minutes, facilitating accurate diagnoses and minimizing your wait time. Our clinical team, bolstered by state-of-the-art laboratory testing equipment, possesses the proficiency to collect and analyze a wide range of emergency services, including:

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